Floor Plans

Colored Site Rendering of Royalton Public Schools Pre-K/K/MS/HS (February 2016)

Royalton Public Schools Pre-K/K/MS/HS Floor Plan (May 2015)

Link to video on building project created by student Allison Moga.

Click below to view the preliminary floor plans for the building project. Areas in yellow indicate rooms that would be added to the building.

Royalton Middle School/High School Area A
Royalton Middle School/High School Area B
Royalton Public Schools Pre-K & Kindergarten Addition (Area C)

Royalton Public Schools Full Building Floor Plan

Below is a link to the Royalton Elementary School Floor Plan. Any area that is colored indicates updates being made to that area of the building. Please see the Capital Improvements tab for a list of maintenance items being addressed.

Elementary School Floor Plan

**Last Updated on 2/16/2016**