Board of Education Meeting Procedures

Welcome to the meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District No. 485, Royalton, MN.  We are very pleased that you have shown your interest in school district affairs by attending this meeting.  This guide has been prepared to familiarize you with the function and the organization of the Board of Education, and to outline for you the procedures that must be followed if you wish to address the board about an issue or concern.


Board Members

Noel Guerard, Chairperson
Randy Hackett, Vice-Chairperson
Ellie Holm, Clerk

Jim Block, Treasurer
Dale Lenz, Director
Mark Petron, Director

Dr. Jon P. Ellerbusch, Superintendent



Board Meeting


The Board of Education meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 PM in the MS/HS Media Center Classroom.


Public Participation at Board Meetings

·      Meetings of the Board of Education will follow an agenda. 

·      The Board of Education allows public participation at its meetings, but at the same time has the responsibility for conducting its business in an orderly fashion.  The Chairperson will provide the audience with an opportunity to address the board at the beginning of the meeting.  Each speaker will be allowed five minutes for his/her presentation.  When there are a large number of speakers to be heard, the Board of Education may shorten the time.

·      Undue interruption or other interference with the orderly conduct of Board of Education business cannot be allowed.  Defamatory or abusive remarks are always out of order.  The Chairperson may terminate the speaker’s privilege of address if, after being called to order, he/she persists in improper conduct or remarks.

·      Members of the Board of Education and the Superintendent may question a speaker or make comments in response to the speaker’s remarks.

·      At a public meeting of the Board, no person shall orally initiate charges or complaints against individual employees of the district or challenge instructional materials used in the district.  All complaints about staff or other issues shall be referred to the Superintendent for investigation and report.


Thank you for attending our meeting.