Board Assigned Representatives to Royals Wrestling Club and RBI Club: Dale Lenz, Randy Hackett
​Bowlus City Council Meetings: Ellie Holm
Comparable Worth: Noel Guerard, Randy Hackett (alternate)
Continuing Education: Ellie Holm, Jim Block (alternate)
Curriculum: Noel Guerard, Ellie Holm
Facilities:  Dale Lenz, Mark Petron 
Labor-Management: Randy Hackett, Noel Guerard 
Legislative Liaison: Jim Block, Randy Hackett (alternate)
Meet and Confer: Dale Lenz, Jim Block, Ellie Holm 
Mid-State Education District: Dale Lenz, Ellie Holm (alternate)
MSHSL: Dale Lenz, Mark Petron (alternate)
National Joint Powers Alliance: Noel Guerard, Jim Block (alternate)
Non-Union Employees: Randy Hackett, Noel Guerard, Jim Block
Policy Review: Mark Petron, Jim Block, Noel Guerard
Principals Negotiations: Jim Block, Noel Guerard, Ellie Holm
REM Negotiations: Dale Lenz, Jim Block, Noel Guerard
RESP Negotiations: Randy Hackett, Ellie Holm, Jim Block, 
Royalton City Council Meetings: Dale Lenz
Schools for Equity in Education: Jim Block, Dale Lenz,
​Secretaries Negotiations:  Randy Hackett, Ellie Holm, Noel Guerard
Staff Development: Randy Hackett, Ellie Holm
Superintendent Negotiations: Noel Guerard, Jim Block, Mark Petron
Wellness: Jim Block, Noel Guerard
World's Best Workforce Advisory Committee: Jim Block, Noel Guerard, and Randy Hackett (alternate)