Royalton Food Service participates in the Nation School Lunch Program (NSLP). Menus are planned according to the NSLP requirements, with each meal consisting of one or two ounces of meat or meat alternate, two or more servings of different fruits and vegetables, at least one serving of grain/bread and eight ounces of milk. Serving sizes are those recommended in the USDA Food Guide Pyramid and the Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act.

The “offer vs. serve” Federal regulation requires that students be offered (rather than served) all the food items comprising the full lunch meal. Students can choose three, four, or five food items based on their preferences instead of having to take some of each food. Federal regulations require meals be priced as a complete unit and students must pay the full price even it they did not choose the complete meal. Students are encouraged to take all of the food items offered because it provides a balanced meal for the best price.

Research has shown the importance of fruit and vegetables in the diet. We continue to offer a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. This year Royalton Schools has been offering more fresh fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce is being purchased from a local vegetable farm when available.

The school lunch program is required to offer milk as one of the components of the lunch. A choice of skim, 1%, and chocolate is offered. The price of a carton of milk is 35 cents. The elementary school participates in the Kindergarten Milk Program, whereby students are provided with a half-pint of milk daily at no charge.

Lactose reduced milk will be provided to students at no extra charge upon the written request of a parent or guardian.

Contact: Jeanne Trettel 320-584-4120